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3 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories that Exist

According to a research about half of American population believes in conspiracy theory. Sometimes these theories are discussed so much that they become a fact and not a conspiracy theory anymore. People continue to believe in these theories assuming that one day their views will be proven right. Almost every year, you will hear about a conspiracy theory related to a major event. Here are the most popular conspiracy theories that people have come across.

Illuminati controlling the world

There is a conspiracy theory that a secret group called Illuminati is controlling the world. This group is set to create new law and order that will demolish any national boundaries. There will be just one control for running the entire world.

The U.S. government was behind the 9/11 attack

Many people believe that the 9/11 attack was an insider job; it was planned by the U.S. government. People believe that the government had prior knowledge of the attack. Many think that the World Trade Center towers couldn’t fall only because of the plane crashes; controlled demolition was used.

Man landing on the moon was a fake event

Man landing on the moon was one of the major events of the last century. However, many people believe that it was fake. They believe that it was staged by NASA in order to put U.S. in a better position than the Soviet Union. The flag was seen moving in the photo, but there is no wind in space. Many people believe that it was a fake footage.

Conspiracy theories will continue to exist in future as well. Whenever any major event takes place, people try to analyze the event to get the truth and this leads to conspiracy theories. Sometimes, the conspiracy theories seem so real that they replace the actual occurrence.