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4 Conspiracy Theories About the JFK Assassination

U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. There has been much doubt about who had killed the president and how. In 1964, it was concluded that a gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald had killed the President. But in 1978, it was found that there was a second gunman involved as well. This gave rise to various conspiracy theories.

It was done by the Soviets

The Soviets seem to be the easy choice behind the assassination of Kennedy. The main reason is that the relationship between the U.S. and the Soviet Union was very bitter. Conspiracy theory suggests that Kennedy was assassinated by the Soviets following the Cuban Missile Crisis. The gunman Lee Harvey Oswald was also had a good connection with the USSR, making the theory stronger.

The gun

According to many gun experts, the gun used in the assassination was not appropriate for killing from such a long distance. It was a 6.52 mm Carcano, not a very powerful rifle. Oswald fired three shots in 6.3 seconds, but the gun needed to be repositioned after each shot which creates doubt whether the same gun was used or not. There is doubt about the shooter as well.

Suspicious deaths

In the book ‘Forgive my grief’ written by Penn Jones, it’s written that someone named Karyn Kupicnet called saying that the President was going to be killed just a few days before the assassination. Her body was discovered on November 30, 1963, and many people think that she was killed as she found out about the plan for assassination.

It’s the work of the CIA

It’s a common theory that CIA is behind the killing of a high profile person in American. In this case, it’s no difference. It is a conspiracy theory that CIA is involved in the assassination of President Kennedy.

According to a national poll conducted, about 70% of Americans think that Kennedy was not the work of one gunman; there was a detailed plot behind it. Many books have been written about the death of   Kennedy and people still continue to speculate about it.


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