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Write for Us

If you love reading and writing about politics then you can write for our blog as a guest writer.By writing for us you can establish yourself as a good writer in the political niche. You will be able to get lots of social media followers. People will read your articles and get into meaningful discussions. You will be able to develop your political knowledge by sharing your thoughts on the various conspiracy theories and other matters of politics. If you are interested, please follow the following guidelines.
• Make sure that the length of your article is between 800 and 1200 words.
• You should read our blog to get yourself familiarized with the content.
• You cannot submit an article that you have submitted elsewhere before.
• Our articles are read globally. So, your content should be appropriate for global audience.
• You should provide any relevant links that will support your writing.
• You must include a short biography about yourself and provide a link to your site. You can also include a .jpg image with it.
• Your writing must be plagiarism free and must be checked for any grammatical errors.
Please send us a sample of your writing so that we can have a look at it. If we like it we will invite you to write for us. We hope to hear from you soon.